Personal Injury Claims

Littlewoods handles personal injury cases across the range of severity from catastrophic and permanent injury to less serious cases. However, regardless of the size of the likely damages (monetary compensation), your case will receive the same care and attention and will be brought forward for trial or settlement promptly and skilfully.

Such claims may be for employees compensation or at common law for negligence, breach of statutory duty and breach of contract. We deal with both work related injuries, particular from construction sites, as well as the general vicissitudes of life arising from road traffic accidents, "slips and trips" and more esoteric sources including those involving ships or hospitals.

For individuals who may be eligible for Legal Aid, Littlewoods is pleased to assist  in the preparation of an application for Legal Aid and, if it is successful, to handle the case looking only to the Defendant or the Legal Aid Department for legal fees subject to the operation of the First Legal Charge which will be explained at the outset.



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