Immigration Law

Littlewoods can offer advice to employers and employees on the issue of employment visas by the Immigration Department. Special considerations apply depending upon the nationality, occupation and experience of the applicant and the standing of the employer.

It is often possible to obtain an employment visa in Hong Kong even though an individual has arrived as a visitor/tourist.

A typical employment or investment visa application will cost in the region of HK$25,000.

We  also provide legal advice and representation in areas such as:

In the event that an individual or company is suspected of contravening immigration regulations we can provide effective legal representation at an early stage which can often lead to a satisfactory resolution of the situation.

We have a great deal of experience of representing individuals who have breached their conditions of stay by 'overstaying'.This service involves arranging a surrender to the Immigration Department and subsequently attending Court, if necessary, to put forward all mitigating circumstances with the aim of allowing that individual to leave Hong Kong as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Please call Brian Littlewood on 9033 5322 to discuss your situation or alternatively you may email him.


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