Criminal and Regulatory Defence and White Collar Crime

We have a great deal of experience in representing individuals confronted by the authorities on suspicion of having committed criminal or regulatory offences. This experience ranges from investigations by the ICAC, SFC or Commercial Crime Bureau to investigations by the Police following road traffic incidents. We also regularly advise and represent individuals in cases investigated and prosecuted by the Immigration Department.

Our lawyers regularly appear in the District Court and the Magistrates' Courts representing individuals on the whole range of offences. Where necessary we will secure the services of the most appropriate Senior Counsel or Barrister for trials in the Court of First Instance.

We also have a great deal of experience representing individuals in the Appeal Courts, including the Court of Final Appeal, resulting in convictions being quashed or sentences being reduced.

Individuals when confronted by authority, be that the Police or another investigative agency, are advised to have a solicitor present in order that they can be sure that their legal rights are fully protected. The cost of attending and representing an individual in one of these situations will be in the region of HK$10,000.

Allied to this service, Littlewoods regularly advise individuals facing sanctions following disciplinary procedures of the various professions and of private clubs.

Please call or WhatsApp Brian Littlewood on 9033 5322  or contact him by email if  legal advice or represention is required or if you just wish to discuss your situation.


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