Conveyancing and Tenancy Agreements

Littlewoods has an experienced team of property lawyers who  advise on all types of property transactions in Hong Kong such as the sale, purchase or leasing of residential,commercial or industrial property.

Littlewoods is on the panel of all the local and international banks. We can therefore  prepare the mortgage documentation which will reduce the total cost of a purchase or sale transaction for the benefit of our clients. We also advise on all aspects of the refinancing of residential property which enables clients to change mortgage provider if they so wish.

The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation has appointed us to their panel of Reverse Mortgage Counsellors for clients interested in equity release.For more infomation please visit their website.

To receive a quotation of our fees for the sale or purchase of a property, please submit the property details, the sale or purchase price and the bank which is providing finance for the transaction and we will reply promptly.

Email for quotation

Alternatively, you may telephone  Brian Littlewood on 9033 5322 to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.


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